Shoe and boot repair

Shoe and boot repair is the essence of our business. Any repair, any footwear, Shoe Wiz Shoe Repair can handle it...

Leather repair

Did we mention, we love leather? Shoe Wiz Shoe Repair will repair, refurbish, restore or recraft virtually any piece of leather. Leather coats or jackets, leather hats, leather belts,  anything leather. We have the right skills and the right equipment to deliver ultra master craftsmanship to your leather repair job...

Orthpaedic insoles

We have all that...

Custom Work

Shoe Wiz makes custom bridle leather belts, wallets, leather bracelets, medical bags, law enforcement accessories, and more. Got a custom leather project? We can likely do it..

Shine and refinish

We do that too. Shoe wiz can take your beat up pair of shoes and give em the best shine or finish. We'll make your footwear look its' absolute best...


Jackie L in Kingsport said... That shoe wiz guy keeps all my shoes looking their best. I've used him for years.

Tom J in Blountville said... I don't mind the drive to Shoe Wiz Shoe Repair, hell, it's worth it!

Tanya O from Gate City, VA said... Ain't no shoe repair shops over here, so I call my cousin and he takes me to Shoe Wiz Shoe Repair in Kingsport. 

Tess W from Coloniel Heights said... I have used several cobblers through the years, I'm 73 now, a high school administrator and walk over one mile each day in my heels. I swear by Shoe Wiz Shoe Repair in Kingsport. He's a  nice guy and frankly, I like his shop. Its clean and comfortable for a classy lady like me.